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Radio Frequency


       What is it?

Cavi Lipo Sculpt
Full Body Lipo Cavitation

Body Contouring & Anti-Aging System
     Effective Rejuvenation!

The latest advancement in Full Body Shaping is finally here!
​We are excited to share with you this latest advancement in lip sculpture technology. This is the first device in the world that meets and exceeds our expectations with every treatment. 

Cavi Lipo Sculpt is one of the best body contouring, and weight loss treatments ever created for Men and Women!


This technology has been used in over 50 countries in Europe and South America. It’s now becoming more popularized in the United States- with amazing results for the treatment of adipose (fat) areas and cellulite. We can treat the whole body!

Ultrasound Cavi Sculpt slims, contours,  reduces cellulite, and  shapes your body.

FDA has approved Cavitation Lipo removal for use in the US. 

With the traditional ways of liposuction and even the newer laser assisted surgical liposuction at your plastic surgeons office, you can expect invasive pain and scarring, as well as discomfort lasting for months to come. 

The entire procedure is comfortable, painless, no side effects, requires no surgery, or anesthesia, no incisions or sedation,
no pain.

It is the affordable alternative when you compare it to other alternatives. Treatments cost only a fraction of services at a plastic surgeon office.

Everybody wants to achieve the most youthful and appealing youthful appearance.  To achieve this the skin and the underlying fat cells must be treated.


Fat Reduction
Body Remodeling
Cellulite Treatment
Tightens and lifts flaccid areas of the face
Reducing wrinkles 
Lifts Sagging Skin
Enhances luminosity of the skin
Increase Collagen Level

                                                                                                                                                                          AREAS TO TREAT

Waist, Flanks (“love handles”)
Thighs (“saddle bags”)
Inner knees,
Upper arms

You can improve your confidence with a smoother , slimmer sleeker appearance as well as maintain a more Youthful  Appearance!


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Radio Frequency is a treatment that can be used as an adjunct to the  Cavitation Procedure or used alone for skin tightening and rejuvenation.

Radio Frequency uses high frequency sound waves and non harmful heat production that penetrate deeper dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Tnis effect causes a contractibility and stimulation of collagen regeneration. Wrinkles are reduced and skin tightening is acheived. 


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Ultrasound Cavitation uses low frequency sound waves

to impact and disintegrate the fat cells. Fat cell membranes  do not have the capacity to  withstand the pressure and  temperature variation of the specialized ultrasound waves, and thus begin to leak ,break apart and disintegrate, yet sparing vascular,  nervous, and muscular tissue.  The body removes the  fat waste through the natural lymphatic drainage system.

Ultrasound Cavitation       LIPOSUCTION



   Clinically Proven,  FDA  Approved

     Comfortable, Safe, Convenient