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Lipo Cavitation

             Questions About Cavitation?

1. What is Cavitation?
Cavitation is a revolutionary technology, thanks to low-frequency ultrasonic waves.
It produces microscopic bubbles that break the membranes of adipose cells without affecting surrounding structures, respecting the integrity of the blood vessels and lymphatic system.

2. What will I gain from Cavitation treatment?
​Loss of  adipose (fat) tissue.
Weight and volume loss.

Skin toning & tightening.

Decreased cellulite & wrinkling.
Muscle definition.
Improved personal confidence with a smoother, slimmer, sleeker appearance

as well as maintain a more youthful appearance.
There is a potential to feel an increase in energy, since the body will naturally

attempt to use some of the energy reserves released from the fat.
Independent studies have shown a decrease in cholesterol and triglyceride levels, which seem to be further enhanced with the addition of dietary supplements.
Decreased appetite & decreased capacity for over-eating (presumably due to toning/tightening effect on the stomach.
Fewer physical aches & pains (presumably due to weight loss) resulting in less strain

on the body.
Improved self esteem and deep personal satisfaction.

Improved moods and a renewed interest in wearing those attractive clothing styles that you've always wanted to wear.

You can improve your confidence, with a smoother, slimmer sleeker appearance

as well as maintain a more youthful appearance.

3. How soon can I see the Cavitation results?
​The cavitation results are immediate.
Some women notice a reduction of up to two sizes in two or three sessions alone, others take a little longer, but all notice a substantial decrease in a relatively short time.

4. How does the patient feel while applying the treatment?
The ultrasound cavitation procedure is relaxing and pleasant.
Many people say that it feels like a warm hot stone massage and even

fall asleep during the procedure.
5. Why should I choose Cavitation?
Because it is a comfortable effective treatment, requires no surgery, no cutting, no needles,

no anesthesia, no pain.
6. How many sessions of Cavitation will I need?
It depends on each individual, the area to be treated, and the density of fat. 1-2 sessions per week are recommended with a range of  1-10 sessions to achieve desired results. Individual results may vary, but it usually takes 6-10 sessions to achieve full maximum results.
7. Do I need follow up treatments?
​The effect is long lasting however monthly treatments can help to keep your desired result.
8. Are there any contraindications for Cavitation treatment?
Acute skin inflammation, Site of varicose veins, Pregnancy, Epilepsy, Compromised lymphatic system, Heart disease, Problems with blood pressure or circulation, Irregular heart rhythm, Defibrillators, Cardiac Pacemaker device, Breast feeding, Cancer, Compromised Immune System, Diabetes with poor circulation, Liver or Kidney disease, Prosthesis in the treatment area, Menstrual Cycle,

Severe Bleeding tendency